Individual Therapy

Do you feel misunderstood, taken for granted or powerless in certain relationships?

Do you find that you shut down emotionally and push people away when you feel threatened or rejected?

 Have you asked your spouse to go to counseling but s/he refuses?

Sometimes we need loving support, a listening ear, and/or kind suggestions to help us make sense of the challenges we face in life. You don’t have to face these challenges alone. People become empowered to face life when they can make sense of the chaos or uncertainty that tends to get us off balance.

I have extensive experience working with:

relationship challenges

Relationship challenges

individual therapy depression

Helping people understand and coming to terms with anxiety, depression, abuse and/or neglect

individual therapy grief

Grief and loss of a loved one

individual therapy divorce

Helping people make sense of infidelity, divorce, pornography

Getting help when you need it is the loving thing to do for yourself and for the others in your life

“Carolyn was invaluable! She didn’t give pat answers, and I felt like she really understood me. I often left her office in a state of great joy because I had been heard and understood.”  –  R. F.