Couples & Marriage Counseling

“We can’t communicate!”

“The #1 predictor of divorce is the habitual avoidance of conflict. What’s sad is the reason we avoid conflict is because we believe it causes divorce.” Diane Sollee, Smart Marriages

Help for Couples in Crisis

Betrayal, affairs, abuse … these are devastating to any relationship and sends couples into crisis mode. Trust is extinguished and the hurt partner wonders if they can ever love again. After betrayal some people immediately exit the relationship while others try to stay afloat. The hurt partner may experience trauma symptoms including inability to focus, loss of appetite, insomnia, numbing, shock, rage, anger, sadness, guilt and humiliation. These feelings are extremely debilitating. Can your relationship be salvaged?

I specialize in working with infidelity and betrayal. Many relationships can be salvaged. Trust has to be earned. With therapy we can make sense of how you lost the loving connection, talk about the inner feelings that you’ve not been able to express before and bring greater understanding of the relationship dynamics.

“Most fights are really protests over emotional disconnection. We’re never more emotional than when our primary love relationship is threatened. The anger, criticism and demands are really cries to draw their mate back in emotionally and reestablish a sense of safe connection.”

– Sue Johnson, Founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy

Research Shows that:
  • There are at least 10 things in a couple’s life they will never agree on.
  • There’s a spike in the divorce rate at the 2-year, 7-year and 20-year anniversary dates.
  • Marriage satisfaction significantly declines after the birth of the first child.
  • Infidelity can occur even in happy marriages.
  • The average couple waits 6 years before seeking help to save a troubled relationship.

Don’t wait to get help!

I specialize in helping couples make sense of the tension that exists and help you work through the issues that keep you from feeling emotionally safe. Together we can restore trust in your relationship.

“When faced with a marital crisis, Carolyn helped us hear the real message behind the anger and to share our real feelings with each other.” – M.B & R.B.