If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship or personally, I can help.

I work with couples and individuals at my office in downtown San Diego.
To make an appointment or speak with me, please call my confidential voice mail at 858.735-1338 or email me.

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Premarital Counseling

Carolyn Gerard, MFT, offers premarital counseling to help couples get off on the right start.

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Five Positive Practices

We all want to live happy and fulfilled lives. Research in positive psychology suggests that the following tips have the power to actually change your outlook and help improve your satisfaction with life. Whether it’s with a friend, family member, or as a personal…

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carolyn_20You don’t need to struggle alone.

All couples experience conflict. Few, however, have learned to effectively work through conflict while honoring one another’s differences. I help couples make sense of the walking-on-eggshell feelings they experience when fights are unresolved and help them to restore a safe and loving bond.

As a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist I help couples work through conflict in a way that enables each of them to put their defensive guard down and to listen to the real message behind their destructive fights. Often the cycle is represented with one person criticizing and blaming while their partner defends, withdraws and shuts down. This leaves both of them feeling misunderstood, uncared for and alone.

Together we can create a secure and loving bond to restore intimacy and passion in your relationship.

Licensed since 1985, I’ve been married 30+ years and raised five children, including twins. Now an empty nester myself, I understand the phases that couples go through in a long term relationship.

Premarital and Marriage Counseling

Couples marry hoping their love will last forever. Few however, invest the time and energy it takes to keep love growing long after the honeymoon.

Couples in Crisis

With therapy we can make sense of how you lost the loving connection, talk about the inner feelings that you’ve not been able to express before and bring greater understanding of the relationship dynamics.

PTSD, Trauma & Abuse

Sometimes we need loving support, a listening ear, and/or kind suggestions to help us make sense of the challenges we face in life.

Individual Counseling

You don’t have to face these challenges alone. People become empowered to face life when they can make sense of the chaos or uncertainty that tends to get us off balance.